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Heartache Number 9


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Delegation was one of the first black British groups to achieve a moderate level of success in the United States.  They were formed by Ricky Balley, a native Jamaican, along with Len Coley and Roddy Harris.  Their demo recordings brought them to the attention of Ken Gold, a prominent producer in London.  He arranged a contract with State Records, who issued their first single, "The Promise of Love," in 1976. 

Their popularity boosted by a European tour, Delegation's hit streak began with "You've Been Doing Me Wrong" in 1977.  The first of many personnel shifts occurred when Ray Patterson and Bruce Dunbar were brought in to replace Harris and Coley.  

The new lineup recorded the well-received Promise Of Love album, whose main hit was "Oh Honey," a crossover success in the United States.  Their other classic dancefloor tune is "Heartache Number 9," from the Eau De Vie LP.  In America, "Heartache" was the B-side of "Welcome To My World," and later issued separately due to demand.

They remained popular in the United Kingdom but had sporadic success in America during the 80s.  Delegation continued to record until the 90s, at which point Gold and Balley, the only constants during the group's history, started to reissue their catalog.

Delegation's Deepest Grooves

Promise of Love (State, 1978)
Classic steppers soul.  "Oh Honey" was cleverly used by Three Times Dope for "Funky Dividends" in the late 80s. "Someone Oughta Write A Song" nearly reached the top 40.

Eau De Vie (Ariola, 1979) 
Considered by many to be their finest hour, top tunes include "Heartache Number 9," "You and I" and "One More Step To Take."

Delegation (Mercury, 1980)

Deuces High (Ariola, 1982)

Golden Classics Edition (Collectables, 1996)
Surprisingly solid collection of hits and near-misses.

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